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Our Work


Coda is a global newsroom that focuses on a few broad coverage areas and digs deep into each over time. Shed helped Coda evolve its website into one capable of presenting stories in many different ways — including video, photography, and interactive elements — and growing its audience.


We began by redesigning the homepage to be in line with other news websites, allowing editors to easily choose top, secondary, and tertiary stories each day that are clearly presented to readers as such. Next, we redesigned the main navigation and footer to accommodate new collections, such as Newsletters and Big Ideas. These collections were featured on the homepage and articles in unique ways to catch readers' attention. As Wordpress specialists, we were able to implement the flexible block editor and create custom blocks for asides, related stories, and newsletter subscriptions. A custom template allowed photo-heavy stories to be presented with a full-page image header and an optional image essay lead-in, inspired by the New York Times.

When driving memberships became a priority, we created an eye-catching article footer that bled directly into the copy.


Coda featured several high-quality newsletters that they wanted to display on the website to increase its readership and drive new subscriptions. To do that, they created a new category in Wordpress, but it wasn't clear to readers that the piece was from a newsletter, how to find previous ones, or how to subscribe. With the help of Coda's in-house illustrator, Shed redesigned the Newsletters category to include distinct branding, a custom letter template, eye-catching subscribe modules, and a page to get in-depth information about each, modeled after The Atlantic.

Our work paid off

In our first year working with Coda, unique pageviews increased 225%. One weekend in 2022, a viral article received a traffic spike, and Shed was there to boost server resources within a few hours of detecting unexpected slow load times.