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Dean Maltz Architect

Dean Maltz is a designer who specializes in interiors and furniture. He liked what Shed had done for Chuck Choi Architectural Photography, but had some unique needs.

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Dean wanted an organized grid of large thumbnails to navigate between projects, but his photos were all cropped to different aspect ratios, which he wanted to maintain. We created an intelligent grid that varied the height of each row to group images of different widths together to fill the screen. As an architect, it makes sense to provide users on large studio monitors a full screen experience, as well as laptop and mobile audiences. Browsing a project category animates a filtered grid into place.

Opening a project presents a flexible slideshow where images fill the available area. An info tab reveals project details and description without obscuring the slideshow. Info pages feature a table system with headings that's easy to edit.

Dean's old website was no longer editable and built in 2010, when images on the web were much smaller and mobile devices were not yet widespread. Shed helped him organize and format new images that will work well into the future even as resolutions increase. He and Chuck Choi both use the Kirby CMS, Shed's preferred tool for portfolios and small sites. Shed's experience with the platform since version 1 in 2013 allows us to keep project budgets low, while providing a user-friendly experience for clients with low and high levels of comfort with technology alike.

Here are some other design portfolios we built with Kirby, all with budgets under $10k.