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Gluckman Tang

In 2015, MGMT Design partnered with Shed to build Gluckman Tang Architects' new website. It was the beginning of a partnership that would lead to more architecture sites that stand out and reflect the detail-oriented practices of the firm. Gluckman Tang is no exception.

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We wanted to display their stunning architectural photography as large as possible and ensure all elements align, taking full advantage of any size screen. Shed implemented a responsive grid, intelligent cropping, smooth transitions, and a server infrastructure that could handle loading large images quickly. The administration panel made it easy for Gluckman Tang to manage their deep archive.

A few years later, Gluckman Tang needed a place to post updates and accolades. We designed and implemented a News section. News posts can be short stubs or excerpts that link to a detail page with an optional image slideshow. A decade on, our lightweight maintenance contract ensures updates are performed regularly so the website never becomes compromised, broken, or too difficult to take care of.

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